Martyrdom of Amir al-mu'minin to the hadith of Ghadir In the Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal

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1 Research Center for Imamate and Province Studies

2 Professor of higher levels of the seminary of Qom



One of the drawbacks of AhlalSunnah due to the hadith of Ghadir on the Imamate is that the AmiralMu'minin does not object to this hadith.In response, the Imams consider his martyrdom to the hadith of Ghadir in Rahba as a protest against the Imamate.Due to the wide reflection of these narrations in the Musnad of AhmadIbnHanbal and the validity and importance of this book in the eyes of the Sunnis,the narrations of martyrdom in this book have been examined in terms of text,document and meaning.The strength of the text has been proven.The issuance of narrations of martyrdom is not in doubt and the fame and multiplicity of narrators and the methods of these narrations have been shown;Nevertheless,the narrations of Musnad have been carefully examined by the rijals,one by one, with regard to the rijali principles of the AhlalSunnah and most of them have been verified.The context and occasion of the mentioned objection,accuracy in the concept of martyrdom and the method of the Imam in seeking martyrdom,Abu alTofil's doubt about the words of the Imam and the concealment of the Companions and the curse of the Imam against him, have been presented as evidence that show the martyrdom of the Prophet Ghadir as The text was on the Imamate.The suspicions of the Sunnis about the non-issuance of narrations and the implication of the narrations of martyrdom on the Imamate and carrying martyrdom on the request of victory and help have not been dealt with the necessary strength and have been criticized.