Interpretive functions of Quranic citations of Sahifa Sajjadieh about Imamate

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1 Professor of Department of Quran Science and Hadith of Al-Zahra University

2 aculty member of Shahid Beheshti UniversityFaculty of Theology and Religions

3 alzahra univer city



Sajjadiyya prayers in addition to being a medium for receiving divine knowledge, include interpretive functions. The present study examines the doctrine of Imamate in Sahifa Sajjadieh based on the Quranic themes in Imam Sajjad's phrases. For this purpose, with a descriptive-analytical method and an intertextual approach, the fundamental question is answered: what are the functions of the prayers of Sahifa Sajjadiyya in explaining the Quranic verses on the subject of Imamate? Using the Qur'an, Imam Sajjad has dealt with important theological issues of the Imamate, the most important of which are explaining the guidance of the Imam, the necessity of the existence of the Imam, the divinity of the position of Imamate, the infallibility of the Imam and the necessity of following him. Based on the results obtained from the research, three types of functions of verse interpretation, verse explanation and also verse adaptation have had a significant frequency. The functions of interpreting the verses in the field of argumentation about the knowledge and infallibility of the Imam and the necessity of obedience to the Imam as well as the argumentation about the Imam's leadership in society have been evident. .