An Introduction to the Comprehensive Classification Scheme of Imamate Subjects

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Ever since the God's messenger introduced Imamate, Imam Ali's and His children's guardianship to the whole world, numerous texts have been written to record and establish that command of
God. A brief glance over dozens of Imamate treatises mentioned in Al-Zarie' ila Tasanif Al-Shiite, and a short walk through Amir Al-Mo'menin specialized library, with more than 20 thousands
books on Imamate and Imam Ali(PBUH), in the holy city of Mashhad will prove the above claim. Meanwhile, the range of Ahl Al-Bayt's traditions and utterances produced to explain the different aspects of Imamate issues is another vast domain which has given birth to a huge proportion of approaches and ideas by Imamyyeh scholars; and these two have led to the formation of many issues
and sub-issues about Imamate. Being fully aware of this heritage and its related subjects, the research deputy of Imamate Cultural Foundation decided to codify a comprehensive and classified
collection of Imamate subjects named as '' The Comprehensive Classification Scheme of Imamate Subjects''. The project was commenced in 1993 with a number of the instructors in the field
of Imamate being invited to contribute. Up to three categories, four in some subjects, does this comprehensive scheme of subjects fall into. The classification has meticulously and
considerately been conducted. Its first category, observing a logical order and succession, is of six major subjects, including:        
1. Imamate basics and generalities      
2. Imamate theories    
3. Imamate subjects and issues           
4. Imamate history      
5. Imamate sciences    
6. Imamate strategic studies