A Reflection upon Transmitted Parts of Muhammad Abdoh's Theory concerning Otherworldly Intercession Based on Reports Made in sahih of Bukhari

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Intercession has been always of a certain sense in mentality of
Muslim scholars in spite of differences between their schools and
theological inclinations, and in this sense, there has been no obstacle
to it in the otherworld. In the 14th Century (AH), in scientific society
of the Egyptian Sunnis, Muhammad Abdoh said that intercession in
the above sense cannot be realized in the otherworld, and Hadiths
concerning intercession are ambiguous. He introduces a new
sense for the intercession in the otherworld which is useful only
for one who makes intercession. This new interpretation has been
followed by some critiques made by some Muslim scholars. Since
the above critiques concern the “impossibility” intended by Abdoh
and no discussion has been made concerning ambiguity of Hadiths
and his point that intercession is useful only for one who makes
intercession, these two claims are, here, criticized on the basis of
Hadiths in Sahih of Bukhari as the most authentic Sunni resource
of Hadiths and conflict between Abdoh’s view and Hadiths in the
above book will be shown.