A Critique of the Evolutionary Hypothesis of Shiite Imamate An Examination of the Documents of "School in the Process of Evolution” The Part Regarding the Imamate Period of Imam Sadeq (AS)

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This essay is an assessment of a part of School in the Process of
Evolution within which a historical analysis has been conducted of
“Shiites’ belief about the necessity of armed rebellion of Imams (AS)”
and some aspects of the “belief in Mahdawyat [Messianism]”. In this
part of the book the aforementioned issues are finally considered (or
suggested to the reader to be) influential in the evolution of “Shiites’
Imamology”. In this critique the inconsistency of the book’s claims
shall be demonstrated by showing the incompatibility of reason and
claim and rereading the indicated documents in a part of footnotes
(the part regarding the Imamate period of Imam Sadeq (AS), pp. 35-37) while some methodological errors in the compilation of book are