The semantics of anti-Shiism With an emphasis on Imamate texts till the seventh century

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The phenomenon of Nasb or anti-Shiism is a concept which is
formed in the history of Muslims. Its lexical meaning has been “to
establish” which has then changed into “enmity and fight”, and it
has got great application in its recent meaning. This word, first, has
got an idiomatic use in Shia texts, and its meaning is the enmity
with Imam Ali (AS) and the Household of the Prophet (pbuh). In
this research, in addition to exploring the meaning of this word in
jurisprudential texts and pointing some of the anti-Shia rules, it has
been tried to provide a true understanding of the concept of Nasb
and anti-Shiism. It seems that the best explanation for the concept
and sign of Nasb in Shia point of view has been provided precisely
in the jurisprudential texts which are limited to its special meaning,
i.e., expressing enmity and fight with Infallible Imam, and the use
of the general meaning of Nasb which also includes the Non-Shia
has been avoided.