The “Ignorant Death” tradition and its indication for “the originality of Imamate”

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One of the famous traditions for “the originality of Imamate” is
the “Ignorant Death” tradition which is narrated from the Prophet
Muhammad (pbuh) in six topics. This tradition is narrated in the
Sunni sources in four topics of “the necessity of following the Imam,
eschewing disunion among Muslims, the effects of Imam Ali’s (AS)
hatred in the heart of the Muslim, and the result of insistence on
drinking alcoholic beverages” with authentic documents and in
two topics of “ Hajj abandon and Jihad avoidance” with unauthentic
The inclusion of this tradition on some of jurisprudential subjects
such as insistence on drinking alcoholic beverages has caused
doubt in its indication for the “the originality of Imamate” among
some opponents. Regarding the entry occasion of these traditions
and the extant indications in them, the necessity of all four topics
and even the originality of some of them can be proved.