Finding indications of Imamate thought in the Twelvers debates at the time of the Pure Imams

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Some of Muslim intellectuals and Orientalists hold that after the
demise of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the occurrence of
Saqife, for defending the legitimacy of Imam Ali’s (AS) governorship,
Shias, though started to object, had no proof to substantiate the
legitimacy of their Imam’s governorship. However, Shias believe
that Imamate thought had been proposed at the time of the Prophet
Muhammad (pbuh) and considered by Shias and defended in the form
of debates. To criticize the Orientalists’ point of view , this research
with a historical consideration has investigated and found indications
regarding the basis and content of Shias debates with the opponents
of Imamate thought, and it clarified that with the political deviation
in determining the successor of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
and the divagation of the mind, most of the Shias debates has been
around defending the vicegerency right of Imam Ali (AS), proposing
the characteristics and traits of caliph and Imam, and its result was
converting many of the opponents to the Shia denomination.