A praxeological study of opposition movement in portraying enmity towards Imam Ali: a diachronic study of “Inzar”verse

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Fourth level student of explanatory Imamate in special center for the knowledge of Ahl ul Beit(PBUT)


The disseting movement was initially formed to metamorphosize the political, social and cultural structure of Islamic governence. the current study focuses on the dissenting movement that sought to achieve such aims. The axis of evil in the dissenting movement was a group of Meccan hypocrites that were referred to as “those sick in heart” by the holy revelations in Qoran. The philosophy of their existence was to wrest the enormous power of Islam. after the appointment of prophet’s successor in the first years of prophethood, the dissenting movement saw itself unable to further their materialistic and political purposes. As a result, they began to conspire and design malicious schemes to derail the Islamic government and usurp power. They finally managed to fulfill their initial purpose when the successor of prophet was appointed by them in Saghife mosque.