A Study on the Teachings of Three Narrators about Imamate, the Signs of Their Credulity and Their Alleged Exaggration

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Head of the Rijal of the center of Computer research of Islamic Studies


Throughout history, several hadiths narrated from weak sources or
narrators accused of exaggration found their ways into Hadith resources
for Shias, even the most reliable ones. This phenomenon led to some
adverse consequences for Shias, such as flat denial of implicit religious
teachings conveyed through hadiths and even questioning the veracity of
some hadiths. One of the crucial responsibilties of hadith scholars is to
contemplate on how to encounter with these hadiths and their narrators,
specially the ones directly related to imamate doctorine.
The present study attempts to revisit the intellectual and hadith heritage
of three narrators accused of exaggration. They are Sahl Biz Zyad,
Mohammad Bin Sanan Zaheri, Mohammad Bin Ali Abu Somaineh. The
current study also adopts a comparative stance towards hadiths narrated
by these narrators and hadiths that carry the same content but narrated
from reliable sources. The current paper then seeks to show that these two
groups of hadiths transfer the same content, and the reliability of former
group remains intact