The Function of Similie in the Words of Prophet to Outline the Imamate of Imam Ali

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Graduate of the third grade of profesional center for the Imamah of Ahl Al-Bayt (pbut)


Similie is one of the pillars of rhetoric and the most-frequently used literary
device. Similie is an effective structure that enables the addresser to better
transfer and highlight the content in the mind of addressees. A thorough
analysis of similies used in the qutations of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
reveals that He employed varied discourses according to the addresses’
status in different contexts. Prophet utilized similie in his comments to
outline the most significant aspect of prophethood after him, namely
the issue of Imamate and the lofty status of Imam Ali. It goes without
saying that similie and the elements used in a similie generate a capacity
in the brain of prophet’s addressees towards better understanding the
similarity between the tenor and the vehicle. The elements in the similies
utilized by porphet serve a specific purpose, namely enlightenment. The
findings of the present study corroborate the claim that prophet adopted
a metaphorical approach toward outlining the important issues in society.
The researchers in the current paper also argue that in explaining the
similies of prophet, scholars need to pay particular attention not only to
the context of use and the structure of a metaphor but also to the role
played by prophet in outlining the most vital issue of society , namely
Imamate, the circumstances in the then fledgeling Islamic society and the
characterisitcs of the prophet.