An Analysis of Shari’at Sangelaji’s Intellectual Activities

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Shari’at Sangelaji is one of the best known people during the reign
of Rezâ Shah Pahlavi who promoted the idea of religious reform
in contemporary Iran. In the present article, the author intends to
investigate Shari’at Sangelaji’s intellectual life, his views on Shiite
Imamite and monotheistic teachings in order to provide an outlook on
his ideas and thoughts. To this end, the author tells about Shari’at’s
life and promotional activities, his teachings for religious reform such
as fighting superstitions as well as the principles of his teachings.
Among the other discussions that will be set forth in the present article
are the Pahlavi state’s view of Shari’at, identifying the origin of his
idea of religious reform by introducing his teachers and their beliefs,
including Sheikh Hasan Sangelaji and Seyed Asadollah Kharqâni
and the relation between the idea of religious belief of Sheikh Hâdi
Najmâbâdi and his idea of religious reform. Finally, the author will end
his article by expressing how Shari’at’s idea of religious reform relates
to the teachings of Wahhabism and by introducing the names of some
who were taught in his school.