Sunnis and Hadith with Golden Chain (Silsilat alـDhahab)

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The hadith with golden chainـquoted by Imam Rida (PBUH) on his
historical entrance to Nishapurـhas been narrated by Shi’i sources
under “husn” (fort) and is of paramount importance. In Sunni sources,
however, this hadith has been sometimes quoted under “husn” and
some other times under “iman” (faith) and this is a result of the Sunni’s
look at the hadith with golden chain. Adopting a descriptiveـanalytic
approach to chains of transmitters of this hadith in Sunni sources and
their two different views to this hadith, the present writing tries to depict
a realistic picture of Sunni’s look at this noble hadith. Also, criticizing
the view according to which narration of hadiths is restricted to what
that has been done by Aba Salt Hirawi and relying upon their sources
and immediate quotations from such sources, the author tries to prove
two hypotheses of frequency of the hadith and that it covers the entry
“husn” according to Sunnis.