A Research in to the Traditions, Imams’ Being Resembled to Sāhib-e Moses and Sāhib-e Sulaymān and Zulqarnain

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Seminary School of Qom


In Ahl al-Bayt’s hadiths, Imams (A.S.) have been resembled to Sāhib-e Moses (Moses’ guide and wali), Sāhib-e Sulaymān (Solomon’s wali), and Zulqarnain. Some of the similarities between Imams (A.S.) and the mentioned people are also pointed out in these hadiths. The present paper is written about these hadiths, and is going to deal with two issues: firstly, who are these people; and secondly, what are the similarities between Imams (A.s.) and these three people?Based on the research, Sāhib-e Moses (Moses’ guide and wali) refers to Khidr, Sāhib-e Sulaymān (Solomon’s wali) means Āsif bin Barkhiyā, and Zulqarnain is one of God’s special and true servants. Imams (A.S.) have been likened to these people because of their enjoyment of divine knowl-edge, of wilaya takwini (universal creative authority), their connection with Malakut (Realm of Dominion), and their not being prophet